On Talent

The problem is not that you have a past
It’s not your decisions
It’s not your inability to stay on track
It’s that you don’t believe in yourself
It’s that fear that festers inside you
That whatever you’re doing is in some twisted way
No, it isn’t.
Believe it.
Yes, things come easy to you.
Talent comes easy to you.
Fluency and good work pour out of you
You are blessed
And that’s not hate worthy
Your mind is so afraid of not having problems
That it runs in circles trying to find faults
You seek perfection but
You don’t know.
You’ve already got it.

A Piece of Metapoetry – Authors and Artists

I never thought that there could be an urge to write.
A longing to just hold the pen and blurt all of my mind out.
Is it this that finally indicates to me who I truly am?
What purpose I was supposed to serve all along?
Can one really be born to write?
Maybe we should just continue to pen down the random yet connected thoughts
Drawing out the psychedelic patterns that form before our eyes
And affixing on canvas the beauty of the world from our perspective
Purpose or not,
The pen to paper and the paint to canvas
Remain an infinite source of inspiration for an artist