Why Meditation is The Answer to Depression

Ever felt like depression is getting the

better of you?

Let me tell you something, I felt the same way a while back. There is no reason for it. It is just a gnawing, irritating feeling of inability to move or just the absence of will to do anything. I used to think that I am being lazy but being lazy doesn’t last more than two or three days, does it? That’s when I discovered this disease…

Depression is a disease but diseases have cures. For me, the cure was meditation.

There will be three stages in your cure to depression if you try meditation

  1. Denial – Because the mind knows that depression can be cured, meditation will be more of an annoyance. For those who can’t sit in one place for long, it will be a forceful way of rooting down to one place. In short, it won’t work at first. But that’s okay. This is just a phase.

This too, shall pass.

  1. Slow Acceptance – This is where you will know that it is supposed to help you but you will think… am I benefitting from this? Or even if it helps for a couple of minutes or couple of hours, depression will recur. You will have depression refluxes that will be bad enough to steer you away. But this is part of the journey. Like I said, this too, shall pass.
  2. Healing – Once your system attenuates to the vibrations of words you chant in your meditation cycles, your body will feel the healing effect of those vibrations.

I once read a study that vibrations can influence the DNA of a person. If they are so powerful, then why not use them to cure diseases?

You see, it is difficult to do so. First of all, there is the placebo effect. We are unable to accept that something like meditation can change us. Or that there can be changes due to vibrations from words.

Secondly, one needs to have a highly disciplined mind to exercise such control over the actions of the brain.

That discipline is the first step to achieving a victory over depression.

There are a number of techniques but the best one involves three stages. If you want to know more, stay tuned to the blog and sign up!