About The Author

The author, Manisha Malhotra, is a Mechanical Engineer and is very fond of reading and writing. She started to read at a very tender age and was able to fully read her first book of stories by Grimm, at the age of five, by herself .

She has authored one other book, Murder for Passion, at the age of 13 which has been published by National Publishing House, Darya Ganj. The e-version of this book may be found on Amazon now.

She is a science enthusiast and enjoys the occasional dive into literature, while taking a break from studies.

She’s also got good oratory skills as her speech on women empowerment was awarded by the Police Commissioner of Faridabad. She’s also been handling the comp ring department for most college level fests and shows right since her very first year.

Apart from these things, she also frequently participates in cultural activities and has also been on her university’s merit list for most part of her engineering course. She has an intense love for physics and math in addition to her deep interest in spirituality and has tried to reflect such a union of interests through the book, The Last Link.

The Last Link is a condensation of all the spiritual knowledge she has acquired in her contact with various religious books, institutions, inner experience and her parents.

The links to her blog and social media profiles are –

https://navgyaan.wordpress.com https://www.facebook.com/AuthorManisha/ https://in.linkedin.com/in/malhotramanisha94 https://www.manishamalhotra.com

Twitter – @Malhotra_19

The links to her first book are –

https://books.google.co.in/books/about/MURDER_FOR_PASSION.html?id=axJ_d F544osC&redir_esc=y