Is Open Mindedness restricted to the boundaries of our comfort zone?

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Of late, I’ve been hearing a lot of contradictory opinions from people who claim to be modern and open minded. A lot of those that say they’re educated, and yet, I’m sorry to say, don’t see their rationale in banal daily activities.

A lot of us (young people, 20, 30 somethings) say that we’re tolerant. Educated. Open Minded.
Tell you what, we’ve just watched one too many American shows and half us don’t know what we’re talking about. (I can already hear all the parents cheering upon reading this)

I love that all of us are approaching a more liberal mindset, a tolerant behavioural policy where we “allow” everyone around us to be themselves and encourage them to do so.
However, such liberal mindset, as I’ve seen, has its boundaries. If being liberal is about allowing all schools of thought (only if they’re rationally valid, not blue eyed monsters) to exist and thrive without hating on each other, then why do we still have this hatred brewing?

To exemplify, as long as we (some students in India) say that we support freedom of speech, liberalism, free thinking and an open mindset towards all cultures, everything is flowers, butterflies and unicorns. However, the moment one of us says, oh yes, I’m a Hindu, I am reading the shastras. They’re interesting. People will label us, throw us out and even go so far as to threaten our lives. Same goes for people who say they’re liberal and are in the company of people who aren’t.


Why is that despite knowing the definition of liberalism, we fail to adhere to it?

If we are to be liberal, shouldn’t we accept everyone’s beliefs as their choices and not ridicule or mock them?

Our boundaries should not limit others from believing and being. What we think of others’ beliefs doesn’t just “not matter”, it should also be a non existent thought.

Because if we let others be, allow them to make their choices (not saying we shouldn’t warn them of dangers), that’s when the “People” in “What will people think?” will actually stop bothering us.



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