Why an old, battered Archie Comic made me sad

Archie comics have been around since 1941. The tales of the Riverdale High teenagers who go through simple everyday situations never failed to amuse me. I loved reading these little pieces of delight whenever I got time. They were, and always will be my favourites and always serve to remind me of the good ol’ days.



Although these comics always bring me good memories, there was one issue in particular that saddened me and got me thinking very deeply.

This issue highlighted a story where Veronica was running for school president. She doesn’t run a campaign and whenever asked about the election, behaves like a snob.


She treats everybody as if they’re beneath her and says that she deserves the position of president since she’s a Lodge.


People then start to talk against her and decide to vote against her. Betty doesn’t like that people are talking against her best friend this way and decides to cajole them into voting for her. She tells everybody that Veronica has the right leadership skills and contacts required to be the president. Everybody stares at her in disbelief as she walks away and Midge says,

“Gosh, I can’t believe that Betty’s such a good friend. She’s still vouching for Veronica!”


Later, Veronica goes on to win the election, all because of Betty’s support.

I have no words to describe such friendship but what I wondered after reading this story was..


Why don’t we see more people like these? Sure, there are a few nice people in our lives, but when a chance to gossip about a friend is presented, men and women alike, don’t leave the chance behind. They cherish the moment that they get to ruin someone else’s character. Had it been a real person in today’s time instead of in these comics, the person would probably have slaughtered their friend in public and taken their place without even feeling ashamed of their actions.

Today’s corporate rat race has pitted everyone against each other. We take from others and fill up our own bag of success. Why can’t we give for once? Why is it that to get even a little bit of success we have to trample over someone else? We even go to the lengths of making people feel horrid about every little piece of success they have by chiding them.


Is giving really such an alien concept? Have we so profoundly changed our beliefs that we’ve left behind the true virtues of a human?

See you soon!



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