Classic American Sitcoms – F.R.I.E.N.D.S


I recently completed this 10 season saga for the second time (Yes, I have a lot of free time these days). It’s just the simplicity of the times when this was shot that draws me to it.  Yes yes, we are young, we were just born at that time, but a time without cell phones. As outrageous as it sounds, the time was amazing!


I wish that was my current cell phone at times. To not have to worry about radiations, constant notifications and internet data charges would be a blessing. No, I am not opposing the growth of human kind. But at times, this growth with technology filling our lives at times makes those old times seem much nicer.

coffee shop and barAm I opposing HIMYM?No! God, I love that show! But it’s just that the culture advertised in this show, sitting in a coffee shop to pass time, was much healthier than the one being advertised by most movies and TV sitcoms today. Drinking was part of the culture back then but it wasn’t put on all TV shows for everybody to know about. It was more of an adult thing. Back when I was in primary school, adults in my house would usually just say that this is something that “older people” can do and I’d smell the glass and say, “Congrats on drinking something so stinky!”

These days, this drinking culture has been brought to the forefront and is addressed as a common issue. Yes, if you can handle your alcohol nobody is going to stop you. But,think about all the kids who watch TV. They know the difference between Torres and Jack Daniels before we could say the word alcohol. Why is it so? Because the media has given them access to these things. They then go for underage drinking and end up doing some pretty stupid stuff. This show reminds us that drinking is not necessary if you want to have fun. You can have the same amount of fun with a cup of coffee and a great group of friends.

Chandler&MonicaWeddingPoseStable relationships! This is one thing that I love about Monica and Chandler. They had a steady relationship through out the show and they showed us that American marriages aren’t unstable. These two found their perfect other half and stuck by, maybe our youth should do more of that too! Maybe they found inspiration in their long time married parents.


I could go on and on about this beautiful show, but just for once guys, reflect upon this –

Isn’t it better to make one girl happy for life instead of 10 every day?

And girls,

Why not be career minded like Rachel and Monica instead of just gossiping around like worthless bitches?

See you next time!



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